Accredited Jury Members


Accredited Jury Members (as on 1st June 2023)

FIP Accredited Jury for the World Philatelic Exhibitions

01. Mr. Ajeet Raj Singhee (FIP Jury Fellow & Jury Team Leader)

02. Mr. Sunder Bahirwani
03. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bagri

FIAP Accredited Jury
01. Sahadeva Sahoo, (Bhubaneswar, Orissa) – Postal History

Accredited National Jury

01. Madhukar Deogawanka, (Kolkata, West Bengal) – Traditional, Postal History, Airmail, Postal Stationery, Literature & Youth

02. Virendra Sharma, (Udaipur, Rajasthan) – Postal Stationery
03. Pratisad Neurgoankar, (Pune, Maharashtra) – Postal Stationery

Accredited  State Level  Jury

01. Kishore Chandak, (Sholapur, Maharashtra) – Postal History

02. Anjali Dutta, (Pune, Maharshtra) – Revenue
03. Shakil Ahmed, (Cuttack, Orissa) – Thematic

Accredited  State Level Apprentice Jury

New list for state apprentice, to be announced soon.

Note :
 As per decision of the Governing Council, the new Jury qualifications and selection will be done by the Jury Selection Team and also as per their performace at the Jury Training & Evaluation Sessions conducted by designated Team from PCI.


It has been protocol and a requirement that all National Level Jury/ Senior most Jury Member attending any State level Exhibitions as Jury, should send a detailed report to PCI about the Exhibition, and that all the norms are followed by the organizers and all Jury, enabling PCI to take up steps for improvement in future.


Secondly the concerned National Jury is supposed to give a detailed report about the performances of the other State level Juries and Apprentices (in standard proforma apprentice jury appraisal form of PCI.)


As per standards set by DOP, for any exhibition one Jury per 75 Frames are to be appointed. This may be relaxed as 1 full Jury for every 100 Frames or part thereof. The Jury member should accept the Jury assignment only after ascertaining about the practice being followed by the Exhibition management and they should be suitably advised and requested politely about the same to avoid undue pressure and imbalance affecting Jury performance.


As a standard practice, the state level Jurors are selected from other state(s), to avoid a possibility of bias. In case of a need to appoint two or more state jurors in any state exhibition, a national juror should be appointed as the team leader. In case of any disagreement the decision of the National Jury will be final. Proper decorum is to be followed. It is the duty of every Jury Member to keep the local DOP authorities informed of the practice.


Jury member should inform Secretary General, PCI about the intimation request for appointment received by him and then confirm his acceptance of the same. Deviation of standard practices and code of conduct, may warrant disciplinary action.


The Juror must send a Report to Hon. Secretary General within 15 days of conclusion of the exhibition. Performances of all Accredited Juries at all levels is subject to review at regular intervals and updating themselves by continuously participating, attending & conducting Exhibitions and seminars.


Persons not following the Jury Protocol and other Rules and Regulation may be removed from the Jury Roster and/or suspended.

Specific Instructions to all Jury

1. The Jury will use standard marksheet and judging procedure as per State Level exhibition.
2. Strict discipline and code of conduct to be followed.
3. All Jury members to respect the seniority and work together in a conducive manner.
4. All communication, certificates, Notices, Marksheets, and Jury Reports to specifically mention as “State Level Exhibition” and the same should be clarified to each participant and all concerned.
5. All Jury members to be present at all Jury functions and offer sufficient time for Jury critique session.
6. Jury work should be carried out very confidentially. Jury discussions should remain confidential, without any iota of leakage, even after Jury work is over.
7. Till awards are finalized and officially declared by the Exhibition management, the same shall not be disclosed or published anywhere.
8. The Jury members should avoid meeting other collectors, philatelists, dealers and participants and are restricted to go to public areas until Jury work is officially over.

 All the State level Juries are requested to send details about their medals, exhibits, under whom they have done apprenticeship, their certification of qualification, State level Jury ship done under whom, with all documentary proof be submitted to PCI within 15 days, failing which their names may not be considered for future nominations.


Organizers of Philatelic Exhibitions required to adhere to the following minimum protocols.

Jury Chairman/ member of juries protocol.


Will be provided a proper position on stage, in all the functions held during the Exhibition, especially during Opening and Closing ceremonies.


All the courtesy and protocol followed for PMG rank should be accorded to the members of the Jury.


Photograph and short introduction together with their email for interaction between Jury and exhibition should be published in Souvenir and Palmares list.


Less than 200 kms upto 500kms AC car/ AC II tier/ AC 1st Class train fare / air fare to be provided, as per convenience of the Jury.


State level & above Jury to be provided with car & attended during course of exhibition and 1 day after for Sight seeing.


Car and escort to and from Station / Airport.

(For self & spouse) For all days of Duration of Exhibition + 1 day extra, subject to availability/timing of flight/train

For District level – minimum 2 star hotel.
For State Level – minimum 3 star hotel.
For Nationals – minimum 4 star hotel.

For District level 3 days ₹. 3000/- minimum
For State Level 3 days ₹. 8000/- minimum
For Nationals 5 days ₹. 20,000/- minimum.


All products issued during the course of exhibition including a Memento together with a certificate and Thank you letter be provided to all the jury members.

Minimum of 2 juries be appointed irrespective of number of frames at all levels.

For State Level Exhibition:
Minimum 1 jury for every 75 frames.
Minimum 1 National Level as senior Jury + Required State Level Juries.
1 Apprentice Jury minimum, depending on number of frames, National, State & Apprentice be appointed.

For National Level :
The numbers and nomination will be based upon the exhibition classes, expertise and size of the exhibition.

It is customary practice and convention that in any State Level Exhibition, Jury Member should be appointed from any other state than the home state to ensure free and fair judgement process.

The Jury member should not accept any such assignment and may face disciplinary action for default.

Any deviation from standard practice and above guidelines will require specific approval from PCI.