FIP Commissions

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Indian Delegates & Bureau Members to the FIP Commissions

The Commissions are Technical Organs of the FIP

The FIP Member Federations may appoint a delegate to each FIP Commission. This ensures the business of the Commissions can be widely disseminated and each country has the opportunity of making an input to the Commissions’ deliberations.

The Commission Bureau comprises of a Chairman, Secretary and three members each representing one of the three Continental Federations. A Commission Chairman may add up to two additional members to the Bureau on an appointment basis from the delegates to the Commission. The FIP Board nominates one of its members to co-ordinate the activities of each Commission and to attend the Bureau and Commission meetings.

FIP Commissions
CommissionDelegateBureau Member
Traditional PhilatelyMr. Sunder Bahirwani 
Postal HistoryMr. Rajesh Paharia 
Postal StationeryMr. Ajeet Singhee 
AerophilatelyMr. Pradip Jain 
AstrophilatelyMr. Madhukar JhinganMr. Madhukar Jhingan
Thematic PhilatelyMr. Rameshwar Das Binani 
MaximaphilyMr. Ajay Kumar MittalMr. Ajay Kumar Mittal
RevenuesMr. Rajan Jayakar 
Youth PhilatelyMr. Rajesh Kumar Bagri 
LiteratureMr. Vispi S. Dastur 
Fight against ForgeriesProf. Sahadeva Sahoo