PCI Youth Academy


PCI Youth Academy

The PCI Youth Academy was launched at an impressive virtual / physical function in Bengaluru. Various online activities, seminars, and philatelic talks are planned under the academy.

Philatelic Youth Promotional Activity

Navi Mumbai, 20th and 21st January, 2024

At DAV Schools, 5th United Annual Festival (All India)

Philatelic Promotional Activities organised by DOP in collaboration with Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) at the sprawling complex of Ram Sheth Thakur Sports Complex, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai.

The DOP Pavillion was quite nicely done and the Navi Mumbai Division personnel from DOP were seen working hard and quite enthusiastic. Overall nice exposure of philately to all visitors in great numbers. The presence and participation of DOP officials, members of PSI, PCI and other philatelists was quite fruitful.

A Special cancellation was released by DOP on the first day. i.e. 20th January 2024 PCI Youth Academy promotional event was a grand success.

A congregation of a few hundred schools from all over India. A huge gathering of students and teachers showed great interest in the 80-frame display pavilion of specially curated youth themes and Philatelic Exhibits mainly from the Maharashtra region which were organised by PCI in a very short time.

Small batches of teachers and students were shown presentations and live explanations at the frames. The programme was a great success in terms of responses received.

Schools were requested to register their name by email to pci.youth.academy@gmai.com with their school details.
The event was well publicised by PCI and PSI and several Philatelists actively also participated physically at the event, viz. AT Haji, Dhananjay Divekar, Surendra Kotadia, Kapil Gogri, Gunvant Shah, Ulhas Chogle, Umesh Jadav and others.

The activities were coordinated by Kapil Gogri, Secretary, of PCI.

The exhibitors were kind to send their exhibits on short notice for the display of their exhibits at the event at the call of PCI.

Thanks to all for their valuable cooperation and attention.