PCI Awards



PCI is the National Federation of Philatelist and Philatelic Societies in India and the sole representative for India in FIP and FIAP as its official members. The responsibility of taking forward Indian Philately in India and on the world map has been efficiently taken over by its dedicated life members, institutional members, and associate members who have worked hard to put PCI and its Philatelic Promotion Programme at the top of their priorities. It is rightly felt that all those members who have outstandingly performed for PCI and Indian Philately should be recognized and honoured.


Fellowship Recipients: 2023

Kapil Gogri

Mr. Kapil Gogri


Mr. Rajesh Paharia

Virendra Sharma

Mr. Virendra Sharma

B K Sinha

Mr. B K Sinha

Satish Kumar Sondhi

Mr. Satish Kumar Sondhi

Fellowship Recipients: 2021

Purshottam G. Bhargave

Mr. Purshottam G. Bhargave

Rameshwar Das Binani

Mr. Rameshwar Das Binani


Mr. Kishore S. Chandak

K Chaitanya Dev

Mr. K Chaitanya Dev

Anil Kumar Dhir

Mr. Anil Kumar Dhir


Mr. Punit Suresh Dixit

Col. Jayanta Dutta Retd

Col. Jayanta Dutta (Retd.)

Prof. V K Gupta

Prof. V K Gupta

Manik Jain

Mr. Manik Jain

Pradip Jain

Mr. Pradip Jain

Sandeep Jaiswal

Mr. Sandeep Jaiswal

Suketu S Jhaveri

Mr. Suketu S Jhaveri


Mr. Madhukar Jhingan

Mainak Kathiara

Mr. Mainak Kathiara


Mr. Piyush Khaitan

Surendra Kotadia

Mr. Surendra A Kotadia


Mr. Ajay Kumar Mittal

Pratisad V. Neurgaonkar

Mr. Pratisad  Neurgaonkaar

Prashant H. Pandya

Mr. Prashant H Pandya

MS Ramu

Mr. Ramu MS

G. Anil Reddy

Mr. G Anil Kumar Reddy


Mr. R K Sarawagi


Mr. Anil Suri

Ashish Talwar

Mr. Ashish Talwar

Rajesh Kumar Verma

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Verma